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School of Hepatology

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School of Hepatology Department of Hepatology.

The department of Hepatology was formally inaugurated and established at SGPGIMS, Lucknow on the 16th of February 2021 and started functioning with out patient services since 19th February 2021. With its inception it became the first department specifically catering to the needs of patients with liver diseases in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Currently the department has started functioning with both out-patient and in-patient services aimed to deal with liver diseases. Liver disease is one of the fastest-growing healthcare burdens globally as well as in India. With the rising prevalence of lifestyle disorders, cirrhosis and its complications form one of the foremost challenges. Liver disease is complex and leads to multiple system involvement and needs tertiary level expertise with intensive care support, close monitoring, endoscopic interventions, and integrated, holistic care. The Hepatology department, SGPGIMS, is dedicated to ensuring holistic management as per the latest protocols and evidence for all patients with liver and associated biliary diseases. Liver transplant remains the final management modality in advanced liver disease. The department of Hepatology, as a part of the Liver Transplant Unit (LTU) seeks to establish a robust, accessible and affordable liver transplant programme dedicated towards the ailing patients of advances liver disease.

Vission ahead

Advanced liver intensive care unit
For the management of critically ill patients with liver disease equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and liver support systems.
Hepatic hemodynamic laboratory:
Measurement of the hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG) as a marker for portal venous pressure forms one of the fundamental essentials in liver disease. The department aims to set up a hemodynamic laboratory for optimization of patient care.
Advanced endoscopy in liver disease
The department visions itself to create a niche in the vast field of endoscopy with expertise in liver-directed endoscopic interventions
Experimental and research activities
As advanced liver disease has involves exploring newer modalities of therapy, the department aims to focus on developing and advancing experimental therapies, including stool bank facilities, metabolomics laboratory, fecal microbiota transplantation, liver assist devices, liver regeneration, and stem cell therapy
Albumin ward
Patients with ends stage liver disease frequently require supplementation of intravenous albumin. The department aims to set up a unique albumin ward where patients can undergo paracentesis and receive albumin supplementation on a daycare basis under expert supervision
Academic activity
The department aims to start super-specialty courses in hepatology (DM Hepatology), which will be the first such course in Uttar Pradesh. The teaching in such courses will involve clinical bedside rounds, seminars, journal clubs, liver transplant forum activities as a part of the Liver Transplant Unit, as well as active participation in national and international conferences
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